TCPA Compliance

Keeping our partners fully compliant is one of our priorities.

Let's talk about TCPA

ICOM AI understands the importance of transparency in the automotive industry and with North American dealerships. We're fully committed to obeying telephone and communication rules and regulations when doing business with you.
Benefit 100% from our SMS engagement conversations and texts. We'll continually update TCPA measures just to keep you compliant!

Learn about

  • Telephonic and web compliance standards we meet
  • How specific compliances apply to your business
  • General information about ICOM AI terms and policies

Featured content

We publish content weekly to educate our partners on compliance and communication topics.

Compliance offerings
by region

Our coverage is now available for you in:

Launching compliant

Our performance team has compiled a complete step-by-step guide based on mandatory processes for completion and verification of inbound and outbound marketing.

ICOM AI compliance for dealer systems


  • ICOM AI monitors and records customer interactions and preferences.
  • Our customers can easily use the provided OPT-OUT option to stop receiving texts messages.

A TCPA OPT-IN system

  • ICOM AI makes sure that our partners use TCPA OPT-IN disclaimers across digital platforms.
  • Our software will only contact customers once they have accepted the OPT-IN disclaimer to receive texts.

Our system monitors the content of messages

  • ICOM AI's messages are specific, factual, and relevant according to TCPA.
  • By using our intelligent AI software, you can trust that your customer engagement processes are completely compliant with all TCPA terms and regulations.

A2P10DLC trust-compliant technique keeps you operational

  • During onboarding we make sure that every dealership partner is A2P10DLC compliant by utilizing a 10-digit long code phone number to communicate with customers.
  • Each specific A2P number helps provide dealerships a unique TRUST score. These are evaluated by phone call providers and affect the volume of daily text messages a dealer can send, the delivery, and the overall communication rate.

"The quality of the text message and overall conversation matter and can potentially affect your message throughout the delivery."

Discover more about ICOM AI's privacy and how we protect our partners
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