Simplify teamwork for your dealership

Automate lead management and follow-ups for your sales team and set more appointments.
Reduce handling time and connect with more qualified leads.

Dashboard of lead management process. See appointments, text records, sequences dates, and charts that show increases in open and engagement rates.
Manage prospects from multiple online channels

Inbound lead sources

Manage prospects from multiple online channels

Be the first point of contact before the competition and use trained AI to set phone and showroom appointments, handle lightning-fast re-engagement, and prioritize long-term communication. Simple, yet effective text responses are automated to save your dealership time and money, and let your staff focus on building relationships.

Outbound campaigns

Instantly notify new and existing customers

Send outbound texts featuring events and equity mining to hundreds or thousands of people in your database at once. With
ICOM AI your leads are managed using two-way, human-like conversations that set appointments, so your team stays focused. They don’t have to leave the sales floor to book appointments anymore.

A blue chat bubble with lines inside.

Engage buyers

A thumbs up.

Text deals

An old fashion bell

Send alerts

This text thread has a first text delayed by one day that reminds Julia that she is due for maintenance and asks if she’d like to book one soon.
Prepare service customers for sales hand-off


Prepare service customers for sales hand-off

Purchase more used vehicles from existing service customers by automating follow-up texts on behalf of your acquisition team.
Spark more conversations and drive more phone or in-store appointments with targeted, customized, and personalized SMS campaigns.

Let ICOM AI handle lead management while you focus on selling cars

CSI support

Collect customer opinions and improve their experience

Automate periodic feedback. Send surveys and support your staff by keeping them in tune with your online and in-store customer opinions. Our AI-powered chats constantly review customers’ replies and requests so we can notify you when we need your assistance.

A trophy cup with a star on it

Boost satisfaction

Three boxes and a plus sign to add the next one

Increase retention

A checklist

Monitor surveys CSI support boosts smiling customers by letting them survey and give feedback about your staff.
Automate acquisitions and purchase more used cars

Virtual buying center

Automate acquisitions and purchase more used cars

Lift outreach and grow your pre-owned inventory.
Instantly initiate contact with leads from sources like Kelley Blue Book and Accutrade, and send them priced offers using personalized SMS that features Vin-specific answers from your dealership feed.

After-hour support

Our 24/7 system allows you to always be on call

Our automotive trained AI begins engaging in under two minutes and can answer questions regarding unique vehicles at, or coming to, your dealership. Positively impact BDC agent and support workflows, plus customer engagement and satisfaction with texts that set and push appointments to your CRM outside of regular office hours.

A chat bubble with lines in it

Easily engage

A calendar

Book appts.

A rocket taking off

Support staff

A salesperson sleeps and gets 24/7 notifications to his phone for customer appointments set for the next day.
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