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"My experience with using ICOM AI has been pretty pleasant. The biggest change that we've seen is more customer engagement. Customers nowadays are on their cell phones; they don't want to answer phone calls, they don't want to talk to somebody on the phone. They definitely don't want to, ya know, e-mail back and forth - the preferred method of contact is through texting. So ICOM AI has been pivotal in that communication channel for us."

Joshua Detzel
Director of Marketing and Digital Operations, Sell Your Car Pittsburgh

The biggest thing that we found is that there are so many different lead providers out there and we were just looking to get somebody that does it a little bit more unique, and that is the reason why I picked your company.

Elgin Chrysler

One thing I really like about ICOM AI, especially, is when it reaches out to the customer and they set an appointment, it will send a phone appointment with the customer, it’ll call the store, my salesperson will answer and press 1 to let them know they’re available, and then it will connect the customer.

Dyer Auto Group

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