Designed to create outstanding experiences

ICOM AI uses models trained on automotive data

ICOM AI heightens operation systems and enhances communications by using automotive-focused strategies that infuse sentiment to make customer conversations relevant.

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Our AI automatically categorizes inquiries, minimizes incorrect responses, and identifies customer sentiments.

 A flow chart.


All communication is automated and built from automotive data.

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Our AI handles thousands of inquiries and a range of CRM processes.

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Available 24/7

Our models offer round-the-clock customer service even outside of public business hours.

Multilingual conversations

We provide multiple language comprehension for fluid communication.

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Boost Conversion

Our tailored models elevate experiences for users in a range of targeted locations.

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Eliminate Barriers

Our developers write our AI models to allow customers to communicate in their native language.

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Build Trust

Multicultural conversations that enable personalized, nuanced, and cultural-appropriate interactions.

Enhancement and support

Our consistent performance support drives business excellence.

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Refine Experiences

We support management with dependable and consistent performance calls.

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Enhance Loyalty

We raise conversation quality to empower customer satisfaction.


Improve Systems

Our performance team ensures periodic platform maintenance, support, and updates.

Our integrations

Simplify your workflow with our integrations

Level-up customer engagement by pushing live, critical data.

Sync availability

ICOM AI's system offers perfect chatbot integration with multi-channels, backend systems, and internal software.

CRM connections

Our AI provides natural and customized communications that make a seamless user journey.

Gain insights

Our platform and app collect data for analytics.

Maximize software

Our solutions provide highly trained models to expand your business.

We are integrated with Slack, Zendesk, HubSpot, Mailchimp, Zapier, Salesforce, Shopify, OpenAI, and more.
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