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Our powerful tool is built to manage your automotive leads on the go.

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The app shows detailed customer appointment logs and automated AI chats that allow you to call out and send pictures at any time and from anywhere.

Enhance accessibility

Instant & automated connections

Jump into mobile conversations and begin engaging with inbound leads and existing customers at any time. Our app makes managing all text conversations between team members and customers quick and easy.

ICOM AI automatically pushes and pulls data from automotive CRMs while the app provides automated inbound calls to your staff as a solution to the rise of missed calls.

Manage your contacts in the all-in-one app designed for your dealership

Boost brand reputation

Simplify your team's process

Our ICOM AI app provides everything you need to manage and monitor your workflow. Harness the power of our advanced features to drive your dealership's excellence.

Talk bubble with lines

View & join chats

Mobile phone

Take calls

A classic bell.

Get notified

App push settings include notifications for incoming leads, lead engagement, lead allocation, missed calls, appointments, call requests and more.

Our powerful features

Widget box with an alert on the corner.

In-app alerts

Trigger push notifications for set appts and customer engagement from your app settings.
Never miss a call.

Message box

AI chats

Automated conversations that provide a quick connection with your inbound leads and existing customers.

Bulleted list.

Activity logs

See your schedule and track past, current, and future appointments set through our system.

A rocket taking off.


Help agents take calls away from the desk with an easy-to-access call option from within the chat.

Camera lens.

Send pictures

Instantly snap photos mid conversation. All images are linked and pushed to your CRM.


Data insights

Zoom in on positive leads, chats, and call details to keep your team prepared for the deal.

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