Conversational AI that Drives Results

Automate more than AI-powered appointments. Pick a package to nurture processes and increase your dealership sales opportunities.

All plans include:

Call Trigger
Call Forwarding
Click to Call
Outbound Only


5,000 contacts /month

Boost sales with a base outbound campaign bundle.
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Access the ICOM portal and APP for a stats dashboard, alerts, and sentiment analysis
Support sales with 24/7, multilingual SMS, 100% AI follow-up and re-engagement
Support your workflow with call forwarding and click-to-call
98% open rates and 15% increase in contact
Full Package
Most Popular

6-month plan

Improve your sales goals with our short-term plan that includes all inbound lead sources.
$1,799 (Save $3K over 6 months)
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Includes all inbound lead sources
5,000 outbound contacts per month
Automated outreach
Full Package
Best Value

12-month plan

Drive sales with our cost- effective plan that includes all inbound lead sources.
$1,499 (Save $9,600 a year)
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Includes everything from our 6 month plan
Discount applied for a longer commitment

Our next steps

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Seamlessly integrate

Start by integrating ICOM AI with your automotive CRM. Compatible with VinSolutions, Elead, and DealerSocket.


Eliminate the guesswork to decrease lead management costs by up to 50%.


Increase sales and vehicle acquisitions with 60% more contact.

Conversions will climb

Quickly grow in-store and call scheduling for up to 60% more appointments.

Increased productivity

ICOM AI has been shown to increase sales by up to 28% and BDC productivity by up to 20%.

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