Revolutionizing Florida's Dealership Operations with 24/7 Lead Engagement

Learn the story of why Toyota of Vero Beach chose to partner with ICOM AI (formerly,) and how our advanced AI platform effectively handled their large volume of leads while providing exceptional customer experiences.

Discover how our automation helped these automotive leaders optimize after-hour conversation follow-up that supported them in increasing after-hour sales on average by an additional 37 car sales in 2 months.

About ICOM

ICOM is an AI software focused on human-like, SMS-based conversations that effectively drive and improve dealer workflows. The award-winning platform combines automation and proprietary models to raise communication engagement, drive productive conversations, and encourage customer loyalty.
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Report highlights

A white background with orange quotation marks and a quote that reads “Success with in the first month was leveraging our Outbound Missed Trades reports. It’s not about the trades we made, but those we didn’t, that defined our success in our first month,” by Robert Rizzo, General Manager of Toyota of Vero Beach.
  • 16 in-store appointments
  • 32 phone call appointments
  • 419 positive responses
  • 2,404 leads contacted in three weeks
  • 130 after-hour sales in 2 months
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