Optimizing Acquisition Processes with Automated AI for Automotive Digital Retail

Discover why BuyYourCar.com decided to implement ICOM AI (formerly Konect.ai), the impactful benefits of adopting AI, and the retailer’s astounding acquisition results.      

See how these top automotive leaders incorporated AI engagement into lead source management and the SMS strategy that doubled BuyYourCar.com's vehicle buying rates.

About ICOM

ICOM is an AI software focused on human-like, SMS-based conversations that effectively drive and improve dealer workflows. The award-winning platform combines automation and proprietary models to raise communication engagement, drive productive conversations, and encourage customer loyalty.
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Report highlights

A light blue background with the Buy Your Car color company logo and the words “utilizing AI technology to stabilize and secure abundant inbound lead management.

·       2X acquisition rate boost

·       80% contact rate

·       140 vehicles purchased in one month

·       1,832 total SMS leads from KBB.com

·       Increased productivity of inbound leads

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