Advancing lead engagement with instant AI automation for the automotive industry

Explore Elgin Chrysler’s reasons for choosing ICOM AI (formerly,) the profitable highlights of working with our platform, and the dealership’s impressive business results.

Hear what top dealers honestly think about leveraging AI for lead generation and management and see the hard-hitting investment breakdown that drove the Elgin Chrysler team to close 26 deals in 1.5 months.

About ICOM

ICOM is an AI software focused on human-like, SMS-based conversations that effectively drive and improve dealer workflows. The award-winning platform combines automation and proprietary models to raise communication engagement, drive productive conversations, and encourage customer loyalty.
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Report highlights

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  • 24% closing ratio results
  • 50% contact rate
  • Closed 26 additional deals in 45 days
  • $226,000 ROI on initial investment
  • Increased instant lead engagement
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